Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Governess Wears Scarlet-Sari Robins

The Governess Wears Scarlet
Sari Robins
Avon, Feb 2008, $5.99
ISBN: 9780060782498

In 1812, appalled by the unsafe streets of London that he now is aware of due to a personal tragedy, Viscount Jason Steele wears a mask to hide his identity while he vigilantly patrols the dark roads; the Viscount and former Sentinel insures the safety of those in danger from predators though few know he is out there as a dark knight. He wants nothing from those he protects until he rescues a woman wearing a veil. Passion explodes between the two whose faces are covered so their identities remain unknown from one another, but both are shook to the core by the fervor they share. He especially since he assumed he would love no one since his Deidre died over eight years ago

The next day Jason interview Abigail West for the position of governess to his nephews over the objection of his brother-in-law who considers her "tarnished". Neither Jason nor Abigail recognizes their lover as unmasked and both behave with the mask of prim and proper decorum. Since the boys like her, he hires her. However, when they learn of an odious plot, they team up in an effort to thwart the kidnapper and unmask him; in the process they unmask their feelings for one another.

This is an entertaining historical romantic suspense that grips the audience from the moment the Regency Era “Batman” and the prey he rescued kiss and never slows down until final revelations occur. Readers will like the lead couple and admire both for risking their lives to save others; in Jason’s case strangers.

Harriet Klausner


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