Friday, November 7, 2008

0n The Prowl-Karen MacInerney

0n The Prowl
Karen MacInerney
Ballantine, Nov 25 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780345496263

After her recent escapades with weres and proving her mom a witch was not a killer (see HOWLING THE MOON) Austin werewolf Sophie Garou plans on keeping a low profile like she used to have before her recent problems. She especially prays the powerful Houston pack ignores her solo existence in the midst of them.

Instead, the pack leadership demands Sophie come to them or else. She has no choice if she wants things to remain positive with her boyfriend Heath and at her accounting firm Withers and Young where she made partner. The Houston pack is outraged by her living inside their territory as strays are normally unacceptable, but what makes her worse in their lupine eyes is that the half-breed has been inside their turf under the werewolf radar screen for a few decades. To make amends and calm their fears of a rogue, she agrees to spy on the San Antonio pack, but quickly realizes she is not a good undercover agent and her new accounting client Southeast Airlines CEO Mark Sydney seems to be sniffing around her an awful lot making her wonder if he is ON THE PROWL with her his target.

The second Garou Texas werewolf tale is a terrific follow-up to a strong opener due to the heroine’s actions and reactions as she no longer can hide under the radar scope. Sophie cannot understand how her world has crumbled so fast. However she is strong perhaps because she is the offspring of a witch and a werewolf; so faces her issues with courage albeit reluctant bravery as she would rather hide. Fans will appreciate her howling adventures that give biting meaning to the modern day wild west.

Harriet Klausner


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