Monday, April 12, 2010

Vampire Mistress-Joey Hill

Vampire Mistress
Joey Hill
Berkley, May 2010, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425234181

Gideon killed the vampire who had just killed a human. However, he has no joy in the hunt or the slaying ever since his brother Jacob became a third mark servant giving up his soul to vampire Lady Elyssa. Filled with rage he goes to Club Atlantis a hangout for the BDSM crowd. He rejects a mocking, physical and psychological mistresses; each time destroying the room. Finally club manager Anwyn Naime decides to tame the beast personally.

Anwyn tells him to surrender to her as Daegan the vampire arrives to watch. She says to the hunter three women will strip and restrain him with straps. Gideon explodes and breaks furniture, but makes sure his mistress is safe. Anwyn orders him to keep her women safe while they strap him up. He obeys as they chain him and will play with him until he comes. When he says no more, she frees him. He knows she is the one, but goes berserk when he sees the vampire mark on her. She tells him to leave and hopes he gets what he wants, death. As he leaves, three visitors led by Barnabas demand to see Daegan informing Anwyn they have a message for the vampire. Gideon realizes what Barnabas meant. He finds Anwyn in the alley raped and bitten by Barnabas; she will need her sire’s blood or go insane. Daegan takes her inside and gives orders but allows Gideon to come because Anwyn asked for him.

This is a heated paranormal romance with a strong lead triangle deftly handled as a key plot element. The threat of the heroine to suicide is fascinating yet repetitive as she struggles with the unwanted change. Readers will enjoy Joey Hill’s entertaining urban fantasy erotica with pleasing BDSM scenes starring three lead characters refreshingly different especially having a dominatrix becoming a vampiress.

Harriet Klausner


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